Friday, March 16, 2007

America no longer exists!

At least, not the America founded by our forefathers. We've been hijacked - literally! Many are aware of this fact, but unfortunately, many more are unaware of the depth of this hijacking, or even why it occurred.

It's not mentioned in newspapers.

It's not mentioned on mainstream news.

It's not mentioned in the halls of Congress.

It's not spoken about, period, at least not, until now!

Unless you're willing to dig deep inside cyberspace, as I have, you will never be the wiser. You will have to cast off any and all predispositions about religion, racism, and prejudice in order to understand what's happened to America. And it's not a pretty picture. It is a nightmare in full bloom before sleepless eyes.

Knowing the truth, I feel compelled to share it with others regardless of the difficult position I now place myself in. Telling truth in this day and age can be a hazardous ordeal that most would not tolerate much less entertain. However, more truthtellers are needed if Americans want their country returned in one piece.

This blog will attempt to illuminate the curious reader with the fully documented facts from several respected authors, bloggers, journalists, and clergy and a few brave former government officials. Some will be uncomfortable reading the articles posted here. If you disagree with the content, then it is suggested you cross-reference the material before posting malicious comments.

Are you prepared for TRUTH, and nothing but?

Welcome to Pragmatic Witness.