Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Our Opinions Count Too

The original title of this blog was "Usurping America" and I had every intention of writing about the escalation of the Jewish Zionist agenda in America.  Granted, it is an important subject, however, I soon realized that there were numerous academics and other literary professionals writing about it in far more eloquent, sophisticated language than I could contribute.

Truthfully, I began to feel quite intimidated.  You might be wondering why and the real reason, which I discovered only yesterday surfing the Internet, and due to personal experience, is that the majority of academics and self-described intellectuals could care less about a layman's opinions or views on present or historical events or anything else for that matter.  Technically, laypersons are not their equals since we lack the education and other professional accomplishments that they possess and, therefore, covet.  But, that does not indicate every layperson is provincial and, therefore, unsophisticated in their thoughts, actions, and personal views.  We possess the same eyes that witness events as they occur, and the same ears that hear the pros and cons surrounding those events; the only difference between "them" and "us" is that we interpret this information based on fundamental life experience rather than educational dogma.

Please do not misunderstand the opinion I am attempting, rather feebly, to ascertain.  I hold no resentment against the professional academic community.  Without their brilliant minds, our civilization would be devoid of knowledge, beauty, and culture.  What I am attempting to convey is that since we do live, for the moment, in a free and open society, those without the same educational advantages should not be relegated to a sect of society where our thoughts and views are shunned.  We are not the fools of medieval times; many of us are intellectual, possibly on a pragmatic or basic level, however, that does not mean that we lack intelligence.

Speaking only for myself, yes; I am one of these people.  I have contributed to the Internet for 12 years, but have failed to express my opinions on many subjects for fear of the academic community's accusation that I lack the educational skills to intelligently discern whatever I may witness.  On many counts, they would be correct.  Due to the insufficient public education I received, I do lack proper grammar skills; nor do I have a real command of the English language.  I am not exactly certain where to use a coma or a semi-colon, but I do pride myself on using proper spelling.  Mostly, I make an educated guess on what to say and how to say it and constantly use when writing.

Today, I am retiring my fear of writing to the dustbin.  Vastly approaching middle age, and now wide awake to many truths and realities that escaped my youth, I have much to say and possibly not an infinite amount of time left to express my views and opinions (due to encroaching government over-site).  Consequently, that is why I proclaim this blog to be for us laypersons.  It will be written in a style which everybody will understand and relate to.  I read many blogs, and websites that pride themselves on over intellectual jargon that leave me bewildered and upset because I don't understand what is being conveyed.  It is possible to present a subject and comment on it in an intelligent manner without using every facet of standard literary dialect.  These are my intentions and I hope you enjoy the journey because our opinions count too, and therefore, they should be heard and appreciated.