Sunday, November 18, 2007

Cinematic Correlations

"The Matrix" released in 1999 is a super-charged, futuristic thrill ride that correlates well with present day reality on several levels. 

The dialogue in this video is the actual premise of the film: that the main character, Neo, was born into bondage and slavery and that the Matrix is and illusory system of control blinding his mind from the truth.

Today, we live in a real-life Matrix where no truth regarding anything is spoken; where history is re-written and re-packaged for the future; where everything we have been told about the world since we were born is a lie. 

The bondage and slavery referred to in the film, for us is: credit and debt.  Due to overwhelming forces, such as, television, advertizing, and other mass media, we are barraged daily with words, images and sounds that constantly influence how we live our lives and determine our choices.  The evils of credit and debt enslave our existence while we live, and haunt us in death, since a relative majority are still in debt when they die.

Control in present-day society is also an illusion for the mind.  Technically, it is not directly in front of us, but, it is there nonetheless.  We live in an ever tightening death-grip of control ready to swallow us at any moment.  Signs tell us where we can go, where to park, where to walk, where to pay taxes, where to check-out, where to obtain help plus they remind us of the things we are not allowed to do.  It seems, that without signs, most people wouldn't have a clue.  We are constantly directed, guided, pushed and shoved by invisible forces that DO control our lives.

There is a solution to our Matrix.  It is Truth.

However elusive, the truth is out there; but you must swallow the red-pill for enlightenment.