Saturday, November 24, 2007

Media use of the term Judeo-Christian

Is is time to set the record straight regarding this term.  When an opportunity arises to express your distain for their use of this oxymoron forward them a brief email, such as, the one I wrote to an on-line journalist regarding a recent article:

Please cease and desist from using the term Judeo-Christian. 

The term is an oxymoron as neither Judaism or Christianity have one common theological concept and are in diametric opposition of each other. 

America is neither a Jewish or a Christian nation.  Our nation's founders chose, instead, to form the Republic as a secular, non-denominational state, which granted citizens the right to worship according to their beliefs.

By using the term Judeo-Christian, you and many other authors, journalists and writers are attempting to combine both religions.  This is an outrage to both Jews and Christians. 

It is obvious, that the media is attempting to radically alter both religions' views of one another according to extremist Evangelical Pastors, such as, John Hagee.  Hagee and his vile diatribes have polluted the charismatic, Evangelical faiths in America and I, for one, am shocked that not one member of the media is questioning his motives or him!

Jews are NOT Christians and Christians are NOT Jews.

The Bible clearly states this fact.