Monday, November 5, 2007

On Petty Censorship

censorship is un-americanRecently, I noticed that several "so-called" truth websites are censoring comments.  The actual reasons are unknown, however, a pattern is nonetheless emerging.  Over stating truth, referrals to disinformation or misinformation, or comments that may not meet the accepted rules of language use and grammar.  In other words, the comment might be interpreted as too provincial and the assumption made that the opinion would not be of interest to readers, so it is passed over in favor of a higher calibur literary prose.       

Of course, I can only speak for myself since it is my comments being censored.  The sting of censorship when one strives to express a meaningful opinion in a proper manner can be disconcerting and also leave one bewildered. 

A few weeks ago, I commented on an article by Charles Sullivan from Dissident Voice.  The article, Truth Matters, touched me on a profound level and I felt compelled to make a short comment.  Unfortunately, I didn't save a copy.  Paraphrasing my comment: That truth, above all else, is the only value that will return our hi-jacked country.  I thanked the author for the article, his courage and veracity to 'speak truth to power', and assurred him that his publications would be posted around the web due to loyal followers.  The original comment was more detailed in scope. 

This is not the first time Dissident Voice censored my comments.  Perusing other comments for "Truth Matters" it was evident that the ones chosen were well written, probably, by fellow academics.  Granted, my comment was not a literary masterpiece, but it was relevant to the discussion.  The only reason I can posit for the censorship appears to be due to my parochial style.  Now, that is censorship of the worst type; what I refer to as "class" censorship.

Yesterday, I made a rather lengthy comment at The Hal Turner Show website to one of his recent scathing articles entitled, "Apology to the Black Race."  I can only tolerate Hal Turner in measured doses because he is extremely radical and his radio shows are littered with needless profanity and racial insults.  Sometimes it is what he says, but mostly it is how he says it; I believe he thinks he is doing a good service for white European Americans; however, the road to hell is paved with good intentions.  In many ways, he is harming the white European American community since he represents, for some, the symbol of white supremacy and the neo-Nazi movement of skinheads and rednecks.  Thankfully, I saved a copy of my comment:
In response to "Apology to the Black Race" -
A majority of blacks in this country behave in the very ways Hal speaks of, but over the years I have met many that do not. These blacks work for a living, have pride in their families and their homes, and they expect nothing from the government or white people.

The government is responsible for, due to their enabling, creating a "monster" in the black population. I was born shortly before desegregation happened in the south and the blacks I knew in my childhood were nothing like they are today. They were hard working, god fearing, decent people. They did not run around having 20 kids or rioting and looting if something did not go their way. Political white consent by the politicians, their lackies with Jewish financial backup are where most of the blame lies for the present race situation, which has decimated several of our large cities, destroyed cohesiveness and community in neighborhoods around the country, and thoroughly, prohibited any child from receiving a proper education in the public school system.

I think the invisible race war is happening due to a much larger conspiracy against the white Gentile population. I believe Jewish Zionist influence in every area of society from Washington on down to local governments is the culprit for all our ills, and there is a mountain of evidence on the internet to prove it. The government's capitulation to every demand from black leaders since the mid 1960's, in effect, signed "their" own death sentence. Blacks have corrupted themselves with their own form of bigotry, racism, and total excess from drugs to material possessions and everything in between. But, I believe this was, also, by design. What blacks fail to realize is that part of the Zionist plan is to destroy them, as well.

The Jewish Zionist conspiracy is to completely, and utterly destroy white Gentile culture and civilization, and eventually, the white race. This has been accomplished by making the races equal, at least, theoretically. Race mixing is more prominent today with greater numbers of mulatto children born annually. The white race is slowly being diminished and it will cease to exist as long as the present cultural standards and acceptances are maintained.    

Only found one point to be untrue. AIDS did not originate in Africa from monkeys. It was created in the U.S. at Ft. Detrick in 1969 to cull the black population if they ever became a threat. This was a direct request (so to speak) from a congressional oversight committee.

The comment was censored.  Maybe I touched too many nerves with this one by, first, mentioning the J-word and instead of completely agreeing with Turner, I attempted to illustrate that the race dilemma in America is not the sole fault of blacks, which is not in line with his agenda.  I pointed out Turner's mistaken, but mainstream mantra that A.I.D.S originated in Africa from monkeys, which I verified with several links.  Nor, would I lower myself by using profane language in my comments.  The majority of comments are the same old tired vitriolic rhetoric.  It seems, that most people love the opportunity to express their hatred, since political correctness prohibits them from espousing such feelings in public. 

Free speech, at its best, is the opportunity to express any opinion even criticism.  To paraphrase Voltaire, "I may disagree with what you say, but I would die to defend your right to say it."  This simple philosophy is the heart and soul of America and in this critical transition between the ensuing police state, and what is left of the "old" America, websites proclaiming to be part of the 'truth movement' but advocate petty censorship is inconceivable and unacceptable.