Wednesday, November 21, 2007

What should Americans be Thankful for in 2007?

give thanksAmerica has radically transformed into a country that I scarcely recognize during the past 11 months. Illegal laws, imposing rules and mandatory regulations from Bush's Stasi government continue their stranglehold on America's working class. Gasoline and food prices are skyrocketing, to the point, that we may be driving less and eating rarely in the near future.

Every minute of every day, Americans face being spied on, passed over, sold out, illegally jailed and considered a terrorist for participating in an ordinary life comprised of mundane activities, which was our routine way for over 200 years. Times have changed.  Once, we were free human beings with God given inalienable rights and civil liberties; now, reduced to a simple 'flock of sheep' at the perpetual mercy of a God-less, corrupt, diseased and poisoned immoral government that cares not one iota whether we live or die, prosper or perish.

What could we possibly be thankful for in our disappearing country?

Quite a bit, actually....

1.  Be thankful, WE, the people, are still FREE (for the moment). Freedom is a relative term and unless we are physically restrained or psychologically suppressed, we have not lost our freedom. “They may take our lives, but they can never take our freedom,” Braveheart

2.  Be thankful, for the liberty that we 'do' have. Unless one is up to no good, we can still move freely through society, in a guarded manner.

3.  Be thankful, for the men and women that returned from Iraq and Afghanistan and be extra thankful that you were never there.

4.   Be thankful, for employment and a weekly paycheck, no matter, how meager. Employment is the best independence a man or woman can have.

5.  Be thankful, for food and drink on the table, at a time, when many are denied the simple basics to sustain life. This is still a sign of prosperity.

6.  Be thankful, for health and vitality. Being disease free and pain free is a priceless gift, make certain to treasure them.

7.  Be thankful, for a supportive family, loving children and loyal friends. Always honor and cherish them.

8.  Be thankful, for shelter and clothing. These are the supreme basics that we must have to stay alive on the planet.

9.  Be thankful, for a soul-mate. A devoted spouse or significant other is the second most priceless gift in life; difficult to find, occasionally hard to hold, but far better than the alternative of and empty lonely life. “Man, nor woman, can dine on bread alone”

10. Be thankful, we are not languishing in a Gustapo FEMA camp.

11.  Be thankful, that Hier Bush has not blown up another building full of American citizens, or dropped a bomb on our heads, not that he wouldn't if he thought he could make a profit. Today our country remains intact.

12. Be thankful, you were not in the WTC's on 9/11. The families of the dearly departed victims, the Truthseekers, Freedom Fighters and Patriots are the only ones left capable of shedding the light of truth on their needless suffering and death. At all costs, they must be avenged so they can rest in peace.

13. Be thankful, for relentless Truthseekers, Freedom Fighters and Patriots sacrificing their lives, their families and their freedom to bring us the truth.

14. Be thankful, for honest, decent Americans. There are many good people in our country; we just don't hear about them.

15. Be thankful, for Ed and Elaine Brown and their sacrifices to free the American people from government thievery.

16. Be thankful, for your place in life.  If you're young, trust me, age will creep up rather quickly, so enjoy your youth but don't squander it. Time always runs out. If you are middle-aged or older, don't fight it. We earned every wrinkle and they remind us of where we've been. Wrinkles are the battle scars of life; wear them proudly and without shame.

17. Be thankful, for faith. Today, many wander aimlessly through life without ever knowing the peace it renders. Hold on to it very tightly, we are going to need it for future struggles.

18. Be thankful, for MySpace friends that arduously assist us in our fight for the truth.

19. Be thankful, for adoring pets. These creatures love us unconditionally if treated well. Man's best friend (whether dog or cat) can be satisfying comfort during our darkest times.

20. Be thankful, and honor yourself.  The most profound lesson of my life, was when I realized that I had to honor and care for myself before I could help others. If we are not at our best, then we are useless to everyone else.

Most of us, are rarely thankful during the other 364 days of the year.  Thanksgiving provides the perfect opportunity to rest and relax with family and close friends.  Take a few moments to express your love and appreciation for all that they provide and sacrifice to support you. 

God bless, and have a very festive Thanksgiving!